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BBF have been developing their sawmill in Fours since 1995, and set up another one in La Machine in 1999. The activity and production evolved so as to meet their clients’ needs, from the purchase of round timber to the sale of processed material, from hardwood pallets to softwood dunnage, from reconstituted beech boules to selected oak boules and wood sleepers, from 100% broadleaf to a broadleaf / conifer mix with a majority of Oak and Douglas, from the production of sawn items to the development of subsidiaries of industrial wood as well as of woodfuel, and finally from pallet assembly to the planing of strips used for parquet, terraces, floorboards, plinths, house cladding and clapboard. Equipped with recent and high-performance sawing machines, the sawmill of BBF has the ability to process 30,000m3 round timber a year and employs 30 people. Our sawing activity spreads over 10,000m², in buildings set on several sites totalling 25 acres of land in La Machine.


We have a wide range of sawn products to offer: standard size and custom-made, hardwood and softwood, PEFC eco-certified, grown in our Burgundian forests but also carefully selected by our purchase team.


We deliver to most of our national customers ourselves thanks to our fleet of a dozen lorries (long-load dolly, log lorries, skid pan). Our exported goods are handled by the best shipping companies to Europe and the world.