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Our commitment & expertise


  • Our logging and sawing plant is subject to the PEFC criteria, which favour the traceability of the wood, and CE branding for structure materials, guaranteeing their overall aspect and strength.
  • Our wood mainly comes from PEFC certified forests, placed under simple management plans, ‘guaranteeing sustainable development and preserving natural landscapes’.
  • The directors are socially and professionally involved – locally, regionally and nationally, and are taking part in the writing of the logging and transport charter for the region of Morvan.
  • BBF can give sawn products the ISPM15 treatment when designed to be exported, and is a member of the ‘Bourgogne bois bûche’ group, which guarantees dryness, quality and quantity for marketed logs.
  • The company also abides by the ‘Quali-TF’ quality charter on forestry, therefore ensuring environmental protection for local wildlife, in order to maintain and extend biodiversity.


Wood is renewable natural fuel, the only one with a net zero carbon footprint. In addition to being economical heating for private homes, it is also France’s best asset for reaching its objectives in terms of renewable energy, as part of the Grenelle Environment